Some parents prefer to have 1-2-1 antenatal classes in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Or perhaps have just run out of time to book onto a full antenatal course. I offer:

  • Early pregnancy classes – unsure about what to expect during your pregnancy? Perhaps you want to navigate the minefield of what you need to buy for your new bump?
  • Practical baby care – never held a baby before? Unsure how to change a nappy or how to bath a baby? The practical baby care class gives you the chance to have a go and pick up lots of practical hints and tips for looking after your baby when he/she arrives!
  • Refresher courses – Take some time out to focus on your new baby. Reflect on previous birth experiences and consider your birth options for this birth. Other topics can include introducing your baby to a sibling.
  • Grandparents workshops – Is this the first grandchild in the family and feeling a little rusty? Would grandparents like to get up to date on the current guidance and advice for pregnancy, birth and parenting?
  • Or even a bespoke Relaxed Birthing package! We can work together to identify what you would like to cover during your course and design a course to meet your needs.

Please get in touch for more information.