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Face-to-face group hypnobirthing courses.

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Isn’t it funny (well no it isn’t actually!) how everyone likes to share their horror birth stories as soon as you become pregnant? But here is a little secret – birth really doesn’t have to be like that. Birth can be an empowering, enjoyable and incredible experience. You just need to prepare for it in the right way and Hypnobirthing classes with Relaxed Birthing in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud will help you do just that!

I am not promising you a pain-free, silent, easy birth. But I can promise you that I can help you prepare for a birth where you can feel calm, confident and in control – however you choose to give birth.

Relaxed Birthing hypnobirthing classes are honest, realistic and down to earth. I am an experienced antenatal and hypnobirthing practitioner and have worked with hundreds of parents over the last six years. I used hypnobirthing techniques for the births of my babies too so I’ve got first-hand experience too. You will receive up-to-date, evidence-based information and simple, but effective, techniques to use during your labour and birth all delivered in a relaxed and gentle way. You won’t have an off-the shelf impersonal course delivered to you – each course is tailored specifically to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you need to help you prepare.


“The course was excellent. I will recommend it to others. Yvonne was relaxed, relaxing, informative and patient, explaining every aspect of the course in full, being very attentive. Yvonne was friendly and fun and a superb trainer. The course content was excellent and covered all the topic areas I’d hoped for. A very informative and beneficial course!”

Karen and Robert

Courses are suitable for first, second or more, time mums and their birth partners no matter how and where you are planning to birth your baby.

During your hypnobirthing classes you and your birth partner will learn:
  • The mind-body connection – how fear can increase pain and slow the course of labour and how hypnosis can assist in releasing fear, increasing your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth
  • Hormones – learn what helps, and what hinders, labour hormones
  • Relaxation – including visualisation and affirmations
  • Breathing techniques for labour and birth
  • How to cope with the unexpected – how to keep calm and in control no matter what circumstances arise
  • Practical techniques including positions, massage, using a birthing ball, aromatherapy, and how to make the most of your birth environment.
  • How your birth partner can support you brilliantly during labour

You will receive the following resources as part of your hypnobirthing classes:
  • The Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing Book
  • 5 MP3 hypnobirthing tracks to support your practice during pregnancy and for use in labour
  • Birth affirmation cards (worth £10.50)
  • A copy of Positive Wellbeing Zine for mums


  • For intensive (1 day) group course attendees – a 2 hour private 1-2-1 session after the group course in your own home. This can be tailored to your needs – refresher or hypnobirthing techniques, specific scripts or even postnatal topics and babycare.
  • Email and phone support following your course through till your early days with your newborn
  • Julia Taylor Photography voucher (group course attendees receive a gift voucher for a newborn photo shoot and private course attendees receive a newborn photo shoot voucher which includes an 8 x 6” mounted print worth £135)
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Group classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester

I know how tricky it can be to juggle work and life and make space to commit to a drawn-out course of birth preparation. I often get mums contacting me at the end of their pregnancy in a panic because they have been so busy and they haven’t organized any classes and don’t know what to do. This is one of the reasons why I have created my 1 day hypnobirthing course. It is so important to set time aside to prepare for birth and my 1 day course allows you to book a day in your diary to dedicate to learning everything you need to know to prepare for birth. You and your birth partner can completely immerse yourself in all the techniques you need to help make your labour and birth more manageable. At the end of the day you can leave knowing that you have all the tools you need and a practice schedule to easily incorporate into your life. I also include a 2 hour private follow up session after the course which gives another opportunity to recap techniques, address any issues that may have arisen, or cover postnatal topics too.

If you have more time before your baby is due to arrive, or you’d prefer to learn the content over several weeks, there is also the option of joining a four week course format. The same great content but spread over four weeks to allow you time to digest it. Choose the format which is right for you.

Group course investment only £205.

Private classes in Cheltenham & Gloucester and surroundings.

Private classes include all of the same fabulous content of the group classes but arranged at a time and format convenient to you. Classes are usually held in the comfort of your own home where you can be relaxed and at ease as you learn. A typical private course format is 2 hours per week for four weeks but this is flexible depending on your needs. We can cover the course in a day or spread your sessions over several weeks to allow time to practice – it is up to you! I regularly teach private hypnobirthing courses in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and surroundings but also travel all over the country so if you’re further afield and would like a truly personalised and tailored course then let’s talk!

Private course investment only £320.

What do I need to do now?

To ask any questions please contact me at yvonne@relaxedbirthing.co.uk or get in touch via the contact page.

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Once payment has been received you will receive an email confirmation. You will also receive a pre-course questionnaire for you to fill out and return prior to the course. This will be treated with complete confidence and will help us to ensure that all your needs are met on the course.

For more information call Yvonne on 07903 932322 or email yvonne@relaxedbirthing.co.uk


“Yvonne really helped us to think about our concerns and how to approach them more positively. She helped us to tailor calming techniques to suit us. It was all realistic and down to earth – easy to adopt, even for the cynical.”

Alex and Al