You are going to be a Dad, are you ready for it?


Discover how you can be fully prepared for all the demands and challenges during her pregnancy and how to be at your best during the birth

Congratulations! Along with the incredible joy and excitement the news may bring comes some full on responsibilities. Life is not going to be the same and it’s time for you to get ready.

Suddenly you have a lot of decisions to make, and some of them could be difficult ones. Thankfully you are not on your own, your partner will have plenty of ideas about how she wants the pregnancy and birth to go, and you can bet she will want to know what you think.


So, where do you go from here?

How do you begin to make sense of all the terminology and pregnancy procedures that you just haven’t had to think about until now?

You are going to have to know what it is all about, to get to the bottom of what’s safe and what’s not, of what will support you both to make this pregnancy and birth the very best experience it can be for you both.


But, how can you know what’s right and what’s not?

She is going through some major physical and hormonal changes right now. Things will be different in your relationship and new understandings and skills will be required to manage this crucial life event.

Your sex life is about to change. A woman’s attitude towards sex and intimacy during pregnancy may shift dramatically, insights into what is happening in her mind and body while she is pregnant, will prepare you for any changes, and will put to rest any worries you have already been having.

The Birthing4Blokes Online Course shows you how!

The Online Course is the only one of it’s kind in the world designed for fathers to be. The core of the program, the teaching of that well kept secret, has been created by a man with many years experience working with couples as a midwife, the information and exercises have been tried and tested by hundreds of men, they work. Mark Harris Mark Harris is Midwife with 20 + years of pregnancy and birth experience. He has supported hundreds of men and women during pregnancy and labour.


He is the writer of the Award wining book: Men, Love and Birth that has supported thousands of fathers to be prepared as they have walked the road towards fatherhood and is a favourite among birth workers world wide.


This online program is going to make your task of getting prepared for her pregnancy and ultimately the birth, as easy as possible. It is going to require time and commitment, but everything that’s truly worth doing does, right? The guess work has just been taken out of the process. This program is proven to provide the results you want, when you need them most, now.

What will you get?

  • Access to the ​6 weeks long video based Birthing4Blokes Online Course
  • E-mails in between each module containing additional information and directions for further exploration
  • You can do the course from any place and at any time
  • Free Life Time Updates* (For as long as we provide the program)
  • 9 Recordings that answer important birth related questions with Dr Denis Walsh, Associate Professor at the University of Nothingham
  • Direct Access to Mark Harris a midwife with 20+ year experience
  • Massage Instruction Videos and PDF
  • Live Webinars for Members Only (not to be confused with the free live webinars that are accessible for everybody!)
  • More Member Only Bonus Content in the form of Video’s, Articles and Interviews!

Current price for this amazing course is only £97.

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