In my first pregnancy I read a hypnobirthing book and did a lot of the relaxation myself with a CD, which definitely helped, but this time round I felt I needed something more.  A friend recommended Yvonne and I booked on the course.

I couldn’t recommend Yvonne more highly.  She explained everything clearly and provided excellent  materials and support.   My second birth was everything I hoped it could be and I know the relaxed birthing course was pivotal in making that happen.

Sarah – November 2017


“I just wanted to say thank you for your course. Our daughter was born in September and it was a very positive experience, and I put a lot of it down to the mental preparation beforehand. Thank you for your help – I suspect we may be in touch when we are preparing for our second!!”

Kerry – October 2017


Yvonne is a brilliant teacher. She is calm, friendly, extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I felt at ease from the moment I stepped into her ‘classroom’. The day long course covered a broad spectrum of topic areas. We discussed our fears of labour and birth, our hopes and desires and carried out specific relaxation practices (such as massage and visualisation techniques) that could be utilised before and during labour and birth. Yvonne was present, ready to answer any queries and helped with a multiple of concerns I had during the course which really eased my worried mind.

Myself and my partner felt extremely supported, confident and much more positive by the end of the day.  The course helped to reassure me that a natural birth was possible after a section and that I could and should trust my body to birth my baby successfully.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn specific techniques to help promote a calm, relaxed labour and birth experience. Thank you Yvonne.


Jane and Jay – January 2017


Firstly I wanted to say a massive thank you to you for the hypnobirthing course you provided Adam and I with- it was absolutely amazing, I cannot speak highly enough of you or the concept of hypnobirthing- I shall be recommending it to everyone I know!!

My labour / delivery was absolutely amazing and I only have you / the techniques you taught us (plus Adams support) to thank for that.

All in all it was the most wonderful of experiences with it all happening how we’d wished- I stayed at home as long as possible, we got to go to the birth unit, had a natural delivery with no examinations and I didn’t have any pain killers (not even gas and air!).

All in all such a wonderful experience and baby Blake coped tremendously throughout.

Love and best wishes,

Carrie and Adam – October 2016


Thank you so much for the relaxation classes and techniques. I can remember repeating the birth affirmations to myself at certain points and, although parts of the birth are a blur, I know your classes helped me get through the birth. They were also extremely beneficial in the lead up to the birth in keeping me calm and relaxed about the whole upcoming experience, and ultimately about feeling confident with my decision to give birth in Cheltenham.

Thank you again for everything – I will recommend you to anyone I know that is expecting and be sure to use your services again should a second baby ever be on the cards!

Catherine – October 2016


Myself and my husband attended Yvonne’s hypnobirthing course and found it very helpful. We both had different concerns and fears about the birth and going to the classes and listening to the tracks really helped. I can say that the fears I had when I started the classes were gone by the time we had finished the course. Learning that everything you need to give birth is within yourself so learning to trust your body and your instincts were the big things for me. My husband also found he was more prepared to deal with the situations that arose by knowing what questions to ask and to trust his instincts. Since having our baby I’ve been in contact with Yvonne a couple of times and she’s always there with an answer or advice. Would highly recommend her hypnobirthing course.

Kirsty – September 2016


I attended Yvonne’s Pregnancy Relaxation Class at the Isbourne Holistic Centre. The classes I attended were just lovely! The group size on the occasions I attended was quite small (around 6-8 pregnant ladies) which was ideal as it was easy to talk to Yvonne and the other mums-to-be and relate to each others fears and expectations. It was always informal and enjoyable. The hynosis based relaxation session during each class allowed me to just drift into relaxation and used positive suggestions which I feel made me feel a lot more relaxed and positive about to prospect of giving birth. Yvonne is really friendly and welcoming and has a powerfully soothing voice…. and the addition of yummy cakes and drinks at the end of the sessions was a bonus! I would urge anyone interested in her classes to contact her directly as she was very helpful in telling me about the structure of the class before my first visit so I knew what to expect.

Jennifer – October 2016


“I just wanted to say I came to a taster session of yours a few weeks ago, you helped make me feel free of the fears I had after my first labor and you also gave me some relaxation tips and it worked! I had the perfect labour, water birth, no problems and a healthy baby boy called Ruairi, he surprised us 11 days early in the midst of renovating.
Thank you !!!”

Jackie – October 2016


“Thank you so much for the relaxation classes and techniques. I can remember repeating the birth affirmations to myself at certain points and, although parts of the birth are a blur, I know your classes helped me get through the birth. They were also extremely beneficial in the lead up to the birth in keeping me calm and relaxed about the whole upcoming experience, and ultimately about feeling confident with my decision to give birth in Cheltenham.

Thank you again for everything – I will recommend you to anyone I know that is expecting and be sure to use your services again should a second baby ever be on the cards!”

Catherine – October 2016


“Myself and my husband contacted Yvonne on recommendation after having such difficulty finding group class times and schedules to suit our working times and hectic schedules. Yvonne was able to create a tailored one to one session, covering everything my husband and I wanted to, liaising with us to check out what we wanted. Yvonne came to our home and delivered a relaxed and thorough session – it was perfect for us and exactly what we hoped for! We both felt we could ask questions and that the session was really tailored to what we wanted to know. The materials she used and provided were also great. We both feel much more prepared now thanks to and her careful consideration of our needs! Thank you!”

Sophie and Scott – June 2016


“The course was excellent. I will recommend it to others. Yvonne was relaxed, relaxing, informative and patient, explaining every aspect of the course in full, being very attentive.Yvonne was friendly and fun and a superb trainer. The course content was excellent and covered all the topic areas I’d hoped for. A very informative and beneficial course!”

Karen – May 2016


“Yvonne is an excellent communicator, friendly, smiley and very well informed on all aspects of the subject matter. My view of hypnotherapy has changed and I would consider it for other concerns!”

Robert – May 2016


“After receiving differing advice from various sources we started to feel anxious rather then excited about the arrival of our first baby!  Even after attending a full NCT course we still felt there were gaps in our knowledge.  We therefore decided to seek a more personal approach and contacted Yvonne at Relaxed Birthing.  She suggested a 2 hour private session where we could discuss of all our concerns around labour and also receive practical guidance on how to care for a newborn in those daunting first few weeks.  Yvonne tailored the session to our exact needs and we felt so reassured and confident afterwards, it was a great feeling! We now can’t wait to welcome our new arrival and put all that we’ve learned in to practice.   Thank you so much Yvonne!”

Ami – April 2016


“Yvonne made the lead up to, and the birth of my son a positive experience. Although the birth didn’t go as I had planned I feel that the techniques I learnt with Yvonne made the whole experience a lot less stressful. As someone who has a fear of needles before my hypnobirthing sessions I managed to deal with a number of them, something I would never have dreamt of beforehand. I am very grateful for Yvonne’s help and would recommend her to anyone pregnant lady.”

Laura – April 2016


“As soon as you are pregnant everybody starts telling you how things don’t go to plan and bombard you with some birth stories you don’t want to hear. I had to go to hypnotherapy class to regain confidence and prepare to that day when I first meet my son. I then found Yvonne. She was a great help. Thanks to her I believed things would go to plan and if not I could calmly change the plan and still be in control. The course helped me far beyond the childbirth. I try to use what I learnt in stressful situations. Thank you Yvonne for fitting us in. The course was really valuable. It helped me to really first time trust my body 100% and not be afraid of what was about to happen. The hypnosis sessions were great too. This really works. I cant wait to have another baby:-)”

Anna – March 2016


“We welcomed Jonty Jeremy Harris-Sparks into the world on Monday weighing 91b 1oz. He was born at home at 42 weeks and 1 day with pressures of induction and hospitalisation looming, I was starting to doubt myself but with the help of Natal Hypnotherapy, and continued support from Yvonne Hopkinson I followed my instincts and continued my birth plan and my happy content little man was born. Absolutely overjoyed and in love and I would not of coped with the pain without the techniques I learnt. Such a positive and amazing journey THANK YOU. I was In latent labour for two days prior to having him and all that kept me happy were these techniques learnt just an amazing thing to do ladies X”

Naomi – February 2016


“Just letting you know our baby girl arrived on Saturday in the birthing pool, amazing experience – we used Natal Hypnotherapy CDs from 35 weeks and had the birth music playing throughout. We also used aromatherapy massage and tens right up to being fully dilated and then started gas and air and moved into the pool for delivery! Was amazing!

Thanks for all your help on the course!”

Hannah and Stephen – February 2016


“I found out about Yvonne through a friend and although it was quite far on in my pregnancy and I was a few miles away from her, Yvonne couldn’t have been more helpful in fitting me and my husband in for some sessions. She was informative and patient and answered all my questions. She made me feel at ease and turned me from a little bit sceptical to convinced hypnobirthing was for me, and anyone who is interested to go back to how nature intended birthing to be. I am now awaiting the birth of my first child any day and I feel happy and confident in myself that no matter what happens I can deal with it. Such an amazing experience!!”

Naomi – January 2016


“This course really encourages all your natural instincts and Yvonne helps to make you feel confident about the whole journey. Yvonne couldn’t have done more to put me at ease from the first contact. I am now not scared but excited to work with my body to bring my baby into the world.”

Claire – January 2016

“Yvonne is very caring and understanding. She really took time to go through specific areas relevant to my personal situation. The course was idea for me and importantly covered how the birth partner can help during labour and how to manage expectations with the fabulous mind map birth plan.”

Katy – January 2016


“Yvonne was very calming, reassuring, natural and approachable. I would recommend the  course to other couples as you really feel like you’ve done something good for yourself and

your baby and it will always stay relevant, not go out of fashion.”

Anna – November 2015


“Yvonne really helped us to think about our concerns and how to approach them more positively. She helped us to tailor calming techniques to suit us. It was all realistic and down to earth – easy to adopt, even for the cynical.”

Alex and Al – June 2015

“Both my partner and I had a really positive experience using the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques taught on the course. When I became pregnant I was very apprehensive and nervous about the birth, particularly worrying about how I would cope with pain. I started listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy CDs and practicing the techniques late in pregnancy (from about 32 weeks) and found them so helpful in reducing my stress levels. The course and CDs enabled me to recognise that my body is made to give birth and aided me in challenging the fears I had. It increased my confidence and left me feeling both relaxed and calmly excited about giving birth. During the sessions themselves Yvonne was relaxed and created an accepting atmosphere where both my partner and I were able to be honest about our feelings, anxieties and hopes for the birth. This enabled us to talk about things that we’d not yet considered and strengthened my partners ability to be a supportive birth partner with both of us being more confident about the type of help I might need during labour.

Although my labour didn’t go to plan (I was induced and ended up having an emergency c section) the techniques enabled me to stay calm throughout, to have the confidence to voice my opinions and to make decisions which benefited me and my baby. I feel that without these skills and attending the course I would have found both pregnancy and the labour itself a much more worrying experience and that I would have had less confidence when faced with choices.

Both my partner and I would like to thank Yvonne for her help and support.”

Charlotte and Gary – June 2015

” Yvonne was very helpful, clear, well prepared. She was very calm and relaxing – perfect style for this type of session. The workshop has made a real impact on our approach to birth as a couple – thank you so much!”

Claire – May 2015